pic by Erica Hinyot (CV inside)


I also make music for videogames .

some examples here


Dans le désordre

some examples HERE

"The mysterious manuscript from Gabriel Garcia Marquez" (2020)

An 86 pages novel + a 10 tracks music CD

"Music For Dinosaurs"" (2020)

Do the Goldblumosaurus ! LISTEN here

Lederman * Stein "Textbooks for Tomorrow" (2020)

with Erik Stein from Cult With No Name LISTEN here

Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "Letters To Gods (and fallen angels)" (2020)

out may 29 2020, cover by Erica Hinyot LISTEN here

Jean-Marc Lederman "The Helpless Voyage Of The Titanic" (2020)

out February 21 2020 LISTEN here

Jean-Marc Lederman Experience "13 Ghost Stories" (2019)

out March 1 2019, cover by Erica Hinyot LISTEN here

Glassko & Fayzer (with Julianne Regan) "Music To Relax While You Struggle Beneath A Tory Goverment"

out Brexit Day March 29 2019 LISTEN here

The Weathermen "The Long Lost Live Instrumental Tapes (2018)


Jean-Marc Lederman/ Erica Hinyot "Ode A La Pluie" (2018)

out december 2018 LISTEN here

Lederman De Meyer "Eleven Grinding Songs" (2018)

new album out june 2018 LISTEN here

The Space Between Worlds (2017)

New album march 2017, out on Wool E Discs

Ghost & Writer
Live in Leipzig (PMD january 2017)

G&W is no more

Invisible Sky (With Gabriella Astrom)
2016 and ongoing

An EP out on Wool E Discs
more on here

(2015) cover by Kevin B. Lederman

Out in march 2015, see more here

Mari & The Ghost "Superstitions"
(with Mari Kattman) 2014

An album released digitally on Bandcamp

Ghost & Writer (with Frank Spinath)
Never Take Fire (single - 2013)

pic by Claudia Schoene

Ghost & Writer (with Frank Spinath)
Red Flags (2013)

pic by Claudia Schoene

LEATHERMAN (with Jacques Duvall)
just one great very dark album in 2012

pic by Michel Clair

Ghost & Writer "Shipwrecks" 2011
(with Frank M Spinath)

pic by Claudia Schoene

(2010) cover by Erica Hinyot

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Jules Et Jim (with Julianne Regan)

Delicate early 2000 electro-pop. Somes copies emerge on Ebay once in a while...

Alain Bashung
1995 & 1998

I played on 5 songs on the 1995 album "Chatterton" and he asked me to wite him a song: "Ode A La Vie" is to be found on the 1998 "Fantaisie Militaire".

(1995) cover by Erica Hinyot

with Dee J and Luc Defourmont

The Discogs page about this rather energetic band here.


Ambient project released via Antler Records here.

The Weathermen are sadly no more
Bang-Bang cover by Erica Hinyot

There are 10 albums, EPs and 12" (including Poison) to remember them tho.

Visit The Weathermen site here

Kid Montana
(with Dudley Kludt on lyrics and vocals)

Eighties Pop made in the eighties.

Rereleased by LTM.

My first ever record: Kid Montana
(with moi on vocals)
"Statistics Mean Nothing When You Get On The Wrong Plane"

Why oh why did people let me sing is still beyond my comprehension :)

Rereleased by LTM.

The The

I played synth in The The at the infamous 4 gigs at The Marquee (with Thomas Leer, Zeke Manyaka, Jim Thirlwell, Richard Kirk, Marc Almond...and Matt)

Fad Gadget

I played synth in Fad Gadget circa 1981. I played on a couple of tracks on "Fireside Favorites" but it unfortunately didn't make it to the final mix.